February 14, 2011


The new nightmare of developers and brands


It used to be simple. You just needed a website. Whatever you do on the web today, it's now a nightmare if you want to optimize your presence.


You need to be on all popular platforms. iPhone of course, Android because it's getting huge, WIndows Phone 7 because it's now Nokia's OS, Mac, PC, Chrome OS... unsure about others frankly. Try already to be great at those six, not that easy.

App Stores

You need to be on all the above platforms stores, of course. But wait, there is more. You need to submit and manage your app to the mobile carrier app stores, they all have one. That's only a start, wait until the manufacturers themselves, the Samsung, Dell, HP and Sony have theirs, HP has one with the Palm acquisition... Even Amazon has an store for applications. Bonus startup idea of the day: create a service to help register and manage my app in all those stores in all languages, I can be your first customer.

Form factors

Got an iPhone app? Great, now adapt it for the iPad. Got an Android app? Fantastic, now start building asap the Android 3.0 tablet version, oh and the Google TV friendly version too. And if possible, get ready for when that new Motorola and Samsung Tab II will launch. Yeah it's in 4 weeks, not a problem, just stop doing anything you're doing and burn your roadmap, otherwise you won't be cool and won't get traction on those new devices. If you're not there at launch, you're likely to never have a chance to be in the top 10.

Social networks integration

Facebook launches a new set of features and libraries. Foursquare has a new picture posting API. Twitter now gives you live streaming. Quora launches and the cool geeks are hiding there so you'd better add it somehow asap.

How do you think it will evolve? One platform will win? When html5 is good enough apps will die and web based on all devices will win? How many appstores will we have to register our app to?

February 12, 2011


Ubermedia now controls 20% of tweets sent daily. here is how I feel: congrats to Bill and Iain.

Tweetdeck just got acquired by Ubermedia. 20% of the tweets sent daily are from Ubermedia apps with all the other Twitter clients acquired recently (Echofon, Twidroid and UberTwitter).

I know in person both Bill Gross and Iain Dodsworth and respect their work and I like to know and have good relationships with my competition (yes I look like I put my head in the oven on that video, it was the filter on the lens). Congratulations to both of them and all the other members of the Ubermedia family, that's pretty huge and I wish you complete success.

I wonder how Twitter feels about 20% of the tweets sent daily being now under control of a single company. This makes our space very interesting since there aren't that many independent players left.

I see it personally as very good news for Seesmic, since Twitter started last year to take control of its own clients acquiring Tweetie and building applications on all platforms we have immediately changed our focus to the business / corporate space. What I think Bill is building is very different. My guess is that it's all going to be about building traffic and having the conversations happen within the apps themselves and even outside of the social networks themselves, mostly monetizing on advertising.

NewImageThink about how our space changed in just a year. My own friend and investor Michael Arrington was announcing us dead. It makes it even more of a personal challenge for me to prove him how wrong he is about Seesmic not able to adapt. I might not always run fast but I ran two marathons last year and I keep running until I pass the finish line. Success, that is.

We're taking Seesmic in a complete opposite direction that definitely won't compete with that and I am really happy about it, I think Tweetdeck and Seesmic Desktop will look very different soon and our users will also be very different. There is room for both. This is why it's good news for us, different focus, less competition. I might be wrong, but that's how I feel.

We recently focused on better supporting more social networks (see our plugin marketplace which supports 60+ services), extending our footprint to more mobile platforms with iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone7 that unlocked Nokia for us today, huge.

I can see Seesmic competing less and less with Ubermedia daily. All our products will remain free but everything we are building is dedicated to the professional users (community managers, marketing professionals building brands, anyone monitoring word of mouth, sales forces using it to generate leads...) and yes, we will have a pro, paid offering dedicated to them.

We have also announced a partnership and investment from Salesforce which already has exciting results as we are getting many Chatter (now free) users on Seesmic for internal use. Think about it, we have unlocked another level in the growing real time communication game, internal. We already have enterprise users on Seesmic Desktop (private beta) not even adding Twitter or Facebook to it but using it as a new way to see what's happening in the company, using columns displaying sales, R&D, HR, management conversations. We have other enterprise users using Seesmic to take feedback from Twitter and take it internally to discuss and archive it, then reply. We see sales teams using Seesmic to get context about and generate leads. This is very, very far away from a Twitter client... They need very specific sets of features and a strong connection to the inside of their businesses.

Mobile is huge for Twitter and Facebook, it's going to be huge in enterprise. Being a consumer application up to now has helped us build great applications (you get your butt kicked all day long and can learn from it) because what people want to use at work is what they got used to use daily, Twitter, Facebook, and all the great apps around it. If I take a look at most enterprise and business software, most of the time there is nothing on mobile and that is a huge opportunity for us as everyone wants to be able to manage his business from a smartphone. Expect our mobile clients to get packed with powerful business features at a fast pace.

I have never been that busy and excited by what we are doing, I spend my days meeting small business owners, community managers, CMOs, CIOs and even visionary enterprise CEOs. We're running as fast as we can to make customers happy and it's very rewarding. We won't shut down our consumer base for sure, we're just focused on the business part as managing the word of mouth and managing your company as you communicate on Facebook is becoming standard. We're solving a very simple problem helping businesses manage all their external and internal social presence in one application on all platforms.

We moved from a space with lots of competition and no revenue (yet) into a space with not much competition and customers asking how they can pay you more to go faster.


I can't help adding to that post the pic Scoble took of Marc Benioff and myself. I am so excited to work so closely with Marc and his teams in our new playground.


Meet Jamie Siminoff, LA based serial entrepreneur and CEO of Unsubscribe

In Los Angeles there aren't that many visible, smart and great serial entrepreneur, here is Jamie Siminoff who is very very impressive. He explains how his latest startup http://www.unsubscribe.com can help you get rid of all the stupid newsletters you don't want in your email but keeping the ones you really want.

Use the code loic you will get 20% off, even if you have a Klout score that sucks or don't have one. That's right.


Meet James Andrews who helps brands in social media

I'm starting to post more videos of people I work with and meet, I hope you enjoy meeting them as much as I did.

It was great meeting James Andrews in LA yesterday, behind so many good social media ideas, he works with brands such as Lexus, CNN or the Grammys. James is also at http://twitter.com/keyinfluencer

February 11, 2011


What Facebook has done to pages means you can get rid of your traditional profile and just use your page

Wow. I have just upgraded my page facebook.com/loic with nearly 10,000 fans to the new Facebook Page and I just noticed the little "use Facebook as Loic" on the side. Hit this and now you can comment and like anywhere on Facebook as your page instead of your profile, that's huge because now each interaction on Facebook will lead to your page and more fans there.

Loic Le Meur (99).jpg

Impressive traction

I have been very impressed by the traction of my page, I am getting as much feedback from my community there as I am getting from Twitter and I am paying more and more attention to it, which pushed me to add posting to Facebook pages standard in all Seesmic applications (iPhone can already crosspost to pages and twitter as well as web and desktop, coming soon to Android and Web, like very soon).

No limits

Many of my friends such as Jeremiah Owyang or Robert Scoble don't have or aren't posting much to their Facebook page and I think that will change very soon when they realize the traction there. They also reached the 5,000 friends limit a long time ago, well now they can trim down their personal profile as I did and just be on Facebook as their page without limits.

Opening up a new world of collaboration for the brands

Brands can now expose the admins on the page and I bet soon it will show who contributed what. If it's available at API level that opens  great collaboration with a team to manage the page that we will support as well.

Facebook pages are just becoming first class candidates and there is only a few missing things such as an inbox to use them exclusively.

February 10, 2011


Meet European Video superstar Hermione Way who just moved to San Francisco (oh and she's looking for a husband)

Hermione Way has just moved to San Francisco from London and explains how she likes living here and committed to get married on stage at LeWeb, she's looking for a husband in case you're interested I am happy to relay the message. This only applies to americans since she needs a visa, too!






Meet Joe Fernandez CEO of Klout, the standard of influence

I had breakfast with Joe Fernandez the CEO and founder of Klout this morning, we had a good conversation, I am a big fan of Klout and we're their number one application with about 7 million API calls a day, you can find Klout integrated in Seesmic Desktop and Seesmic Web. Every tweet comes with the influence score of the person you are following or reading. Keep rocking Klout, we will keep integrating our products more closely. Mobile next.

February 09, 2011


Why do people live? [inspiring videos]

Extraordinary inspiring videos posted by Nicolas Bordas that I discovered via Vinvin of a British grandmother who stopped alone a bank being attacked, armed with her purse, and of old, sick people, who finally live their dream.

Both videos *really* deserve being watched until the end, they're only one and three minutes, I love the second one and I love how it ends.


A billion views on YouTube for Ray and his Turkey Porn. Wow.

Yeah, that's right. Ray William Johnson had nearly a billion views on YouTube and nearly 3 million subscribers.

Have a look at Sponge Booble for example, that got about 6 million views alone

I can't help but share with you the Big Booty Bitches one, with 11 million + views

I mean that's crazy. That guy has more audience alone than your local news shows on TV. Isn't it hilarious? I have the Big Booty Bitches song in my head now for at least a few hours.

Wait until you see the Turkey porn with 6.5 million views

How did I get to know Ray? Well, I listened to my 13 years old kid, Gauthier, I could not have found Ray by myself I guess, I don't hang out that much on YouTube to discover the oral sex at around 1 min plus on the Turkey porn.

Anyway, YouTube is getting huge not only as a new medium, but on how it can turn anyone who has talent in a star, with no means. Nothing. Just iMovie maybe.

It's fascinating for me. If you watched them, tell me how much fun you had looking at them? I had. Ray is like a Garyvee for YouTube cool videos with 1000x audience numbers!

February 08, 2011


Meet the founder of Memolane that brings all your social into one life timeline

In April of 2008 I had described "my social map" in a video, where I expressed the need of having all my social networking posted items into one place:

I always felt the need for a service that help me manage all that stuff which became what Seesmic is today but also a tool that would help me navigate through it in the form of a life timeline and possibly back it all up.

Someone had to do it and that's it, Eric Lagier did it with Memolane, here he is explaining how it works, errr actually I don't really let him talk since I am pretty excited.

Try Memolane in private beta with the code "loic" and tell me in the comments what you think. Good luck Eric, another european entrpreneur moving to Silicon Valley.

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